Blister Packs

Blister packs or punch cards are a convenient method of packaging medication in date-marked protective bubbles, which are easily punched out for dispensing.

Punch cards



Using OPUS Medication Systems we truly believe that we, along with our clients, are your partners in medication management and that together with you, we can help to enhance the quality of care that is given to your residents.

We are always ready to work with your staff to explore new options; we have an extensive network of clinical partners that are ready to provide you with excellent service and experience. OPUS Program allows you to meet the highest standards in medication management. We will in-service your staff before you implement the system. In addition, we will be on-site with you on start day to assure a smooth transition, also an on-call 24 hours pharmacist is available for any follow up needs.

Remember that OPUS provides you with a system that is tailored to your specific needs, and help you to: Discover the OPUS Medication Systems Difference

Long Term Care facilities and pharmacies both experience common challenges that hinder their service excellence.

Both pharmacies and facilities alike are looking for partnerships that will help them reduce costs and operate efficiently. OPUS Medication Systems is the one source that helps both to address these pressing issues, forming strong relationships, decreasing costs and improving efficiency.

The OPUS Medication System's features and the value added services that OPUS provides help to elevate the relationship to that of a new strategic partnership.

OPUS Medication Systems are designed to eliminate medication errors, increase efficiency, and handle every detail of your medication pass – saving your staff time and reducing liability, while enhancing the quality of care given to your residents. All of our systems operate on an automatic reorder cycle between you and your pharmacy, so valuable time isn't wasted reordering solid oral medications. Our representatives will work with you and your pharmacy to help you to custom build a system which is right for you.